Brenmedia is an Indoor Digital Out-of-Home (DOoH) advertising company that delivers superior and quality digital signage solutions.

Information-based advertising is our main goal to meet our clients and networks’ specific needs in helping them communicate their message to the right audiences effectively and with greater impact.

Brenmedia International Inc. build networks of digital displays located in different sites that cater to specific age, gender, income, lifestyle, geography, and groups, enabling you to target your consumer in their everyday lives.


1) It is a one day seminar and different OFW’s attend the seminar everyday.

        2) It is Cost-effective because monthly estimate of 12,000 OFW’s can view your Ads and promotions or discounts.

          3) You are giving OFW’s good options on where to invest or use their hard earned money.

            4) New or returning OFW’s need to attend the seminar because it’s a mandatory requirement to them.

              5) Usually the OFW’s are the bread winner of the family. You are reaching also their families and children.